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Dan Ingalls: Object-Oriented Programming

Published 1989

Dan Ingalls lectures on Object-Oriented Programming.

Tape #GB-02

Run time 45:00
Production Company University Video Communications
Sponsor Apple Computers
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Jan Wedekind - - October 17, 2004
Subject: Lecture about OOP given by Smalltalk Developer
Even in our days, where object-oriented programming is widely accepted, it is still not very well understood by most people. Here's a summary of the lecture, given by Dan Ingal (who worked in Alan Kay's Smalltalk group):
*State-of-the-art: Procedures and data structures
*Architecture problems faced by structured programming.
*Message system of Smalltalk for invoking methods of an object.
*Inheritance and polymorphism
*Automatic storage management (garbage collector).
*Examples, how applying OO makes development easier (GUI, compiler, debugger).
*Exception Handling
At the end, Dan Ingal is interviewed by David Ungar (Assistant Professor, Stanford, Computer Systems Lab).
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